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Agency Debit Memos – Eastern Airways Policy
Effective 1 August 2020

In accordance with the IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolution Manual), this document represents the Eastern Airways policy in relation to the issuing of ADM’s (Agency Debit Memo’s) to agencies selling T3- 467 Eastern Airways tickets. The audit process is to ensure that all fare rules are adhered to. Fare audit checks are performed on all ‘467’ document issuances, refunds, reissue and revalidation transactions, whether they are fare quoted automatically or manually.

See below for full details of the Eastern Airways ADM Policy.

ADM Calculations and Minimum ADM value
The minimum ADM value Eastern Airways will raise is GB£5.00 or equivalent. In cases of multiple occurrences of underpayments of less than £5.00 or equivalent by the same agent, we reserve the right to recover these underpayments. More than one ADM in relation to the same ticket can be raised in the case of different unrelated reasons.

ADM Administration Fee
Eastern Airways will charge an ADM processing fee to each ADM raised to cover the administration costs. This will be GBP10 (or equivalent in local currency) to each ADM. If the ADM is successfully disputed and not a fault of the agent, we will refund the administration fee.

Eastern Airways Contact details
This policy issued by Eastern Airways Ltd. IATA airline code 467 / T3
Address: Schiphol House, Humberside Airport, Kirmington DN39 6YH
Email address for ADM queries is

Reasons for Eastern Airways raising ADMs

Ticket Issuance
All fares, fare rules and booking rules are subject to audit. This includes, but not limited to, is the correct application of:

  • Fare and fare conditions
  • Taxes and fuel surcharges
  • Airline surcharges
  • Rebooking fees, recalculation of re-issue / routing. Eastern Airways is not set up for EMD’s so please re-issue for any changes and reflect the change fee under ‘XP’ tax code
  • Commission (if applicable)
  • Sub class abuse where the class in the GDS is not the same class as the ticket
  • The ticketing fee for payment by Business card (as of 1st April 2021)

In addition to the above, we also adopt a policy for churning whereby we will charge an administration fee of £5.00 per segment on top of the original £10.00 ADM administration fee.

For inactive segments including duplicate bookings, fictitious names, waitlists, passive bookings, name changes and a general item with other general practices, we will charge an administration fee of GBP £5.00 segment on top of the original £10.00 ADM administration fee.

Refund Audit
Correct application of all refund rules must be adhered, including, but not limited to this audit control is the correct calculation of:

  • The refunded amount, Fare, taxes and fuel charge
  • The cancellation penalty
  • The refunding of commission amount (if applicable)

Credit Card Chargeback
In cases where Eastern Airways is debited by the credit card acquirer for fraud case, a purchase rejection by the passenger or card holder, or credit card misuse on a ticket issued by an agent, Eastern Airways will charge the agent for the cost. The agent is responsible for checking the validity of a credit card and to ensure the cardholder’s signature is provided as well as ensuring the card is an acceptable form of payment by Eastern Airways.

Eastern Airways reserves the right to issue an ADM when abuse usage of a credit card in the name of the agent is used in connection of a sale for any customer of the agent is detected, per IATA Resolution 890.

Form of payment errors on sale or refund
Examples of payment errors include, but not limited to:

  • Incorrect digits linked to a payment card number that prevents payment
  • Refund to a different form of payment to that of the sale

Duplicate usage of tickets

  • For Travel
  • Refund
  • Exchange/ Reissue

Where an agent re-issues or refunds a sector that has been flown on, we will raise an ADM if the airline has no funds to cover the used leg.

CIP Violation
Any incorrect ticketing on Eastern Airways ticket stock will be picked up and an ADM raised.

Unreported sales
If a passenger has flown on a ticket issued by an agency, that was not paid to Eastern Airways, we will raise an ADM.

According to IATA Resolution 850m (4.50-4.60) travel agents will have a maximum of 15 days to review and dispute an ADM prior to its submission to BSP for processing. All disputes are to be settled by the Airline within 60 days of receipt. Any dispute concerning an ADM already settled in BSP must be communicated to Eastern Airways within 50 days of ADM issue date. This should be done via the BSPLINK system.

Contact Information for ADMs
For further inquiries related to the raising of ADM’s/ACM’s for Eastern Airways sales, please email the Revenue Accounting team on: