Gender Pay Gap

Any company that has 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap.  This became effective from April 2017.

The figures which are to be used must be calculated using a specific reference date – or “snapshot date”.  The Snapshot date will be 5th April of each year.  We have 12 months from the Snapshot date to publish the figures and the statement on our company website.  The data must also be provided to the Government using a Gender Pay Gap Reporting Service.

This is the first time that Eastern Airways has published its Gender Pay Gap.   Having completed the calculations, the data shows the following:

  • Mean Gender Pay Gap is 46.4%
  • Median Gender Pay Gap is 50.71%
  • Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap – Not Applicable
  • Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap – Not Applicable
  • Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment – Not Applicable
  • Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile
    • Upper Quartile – 93.8% Male / 6.2% Female
    • Upper Middle Quartile – 87.6% Male / 12.5% Female
    • Lower Middle Quartile – 60% Male / 40% Female
    • Lower Quartile – 15.9% Male / 84.1% Female

*Mean = the differences between the average earnings of males and females
*Median = the difference between the midpoint in earnings of males and females
*Quartile = proportion of males and females in each of the 4 pay quartiles

We acknowledge that the pay gap between male and female is higher than the national average, however, its important to consider that our business operates in a male dominated industry.  Where the Upper Quartile is substantially higher for men, this area includes mostly pilots and engineers, in addition to senior management. 

To help us to reduce our gender pay gap, we will further develop gender monitoring, using the following areas:

Recruitment and progression
Application for and take up of flexible working

This will assist in identifying how many male and female we receive applications from and help to look for areas where we can target more potential female employees.

We are confident as a company that all payscales are applied consistently throughout the business for both male and female job holders.  It is important to our business that we enable both male and female employees to reach their full potential at work.